Sunday, November 09, 2014

Cafe of Change

A number of years ago I wrote about a favorite cafe of mine. It's still a favorite, but during the last couple of years the owners have made substantial changes, so it's almost like a different place. We went there this morning for breakfast and the line to order (because it is a place where you place your order, get your drinks, sit down, and then the meal is brought to you) was down the cold cases, past the coffee station (where you can serve yourself free refills!) and almost to the fireplace. That used to happen mostly on Mother's Day, so more people are coming and enjoying the great food.

One of the changes is that they have focused on being an evening entertainment venue and a center of community activities. One of the big changes has taken place outside. There is a ramp toward the back of the building that used to lead to a paved parking area. Now it is a Beer Garden, with bamboo in galvanized troughs, an overhead shade sail and strings of lights, a new counter for beer service, new fencing, a stage for live music performances, crushed gravel underfoot and lots of picnic tables. An upper level is shaded by lively red umbrellas. Some of the walls have recycled wood cladding for an urban chic look. Last, but not least, there is a serving area for bar snacks to go with the beer.

Out of time. Will have to tell you about the inside improvements another day.

XO, Elle

Redwood Cafe and Beer Garden
8240 Old Redwood Highway
Cotati, CA  94931
707- 795-7868

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  1. Love that place -- best restaurant to do a tofu scramble, EVER.