Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Playing Around

Food memories include remembering cooking or baking something and being stoked about how it turned out. Fortunately that happens a lot. If I then post about it, it becomes something that I can return to and make again, using the post as a guideline if I include notes.

Today I returned to a couple of past recipes, but played around with them, changing the ingredients but not the basic recipe or techniques.

For dinner we had lamb meatballs, based on a post that included a recipe for turkey meatballs. I kept the proportions the same, but used ground lamb (grass fed from our grass!), onions and celery that had been sauteed, choppped parsley, and chopped fresh rosemary from our shrub. The rest was the same and I skipped any sauce.

They were great...moist and savory and fully lamb flavored and just a little crusty on the outside.

We also had delicata squash, cooked in the same method as THIS recipe, but with salt, pepper, brown sugar and fresh orange juice as the seasoning. No butternut squash or maple syrup, but I did use olive oil. As Sweetie has lost weight he has become more sensitive to spicy seasonings, so I skipped the usual cayenne pepper. It was still quite delicious, tender and slightly sweet. Top photo shows the nice caramelization from roasting. It was a nice counterpoint to the lamb and the zippy salad dressing on the green (butter lettuce and dark oak leaf lettuce...no romaine!) salad.

The third playing around I did was making a quiche for tomorrow. No photo...maybe tomorrow. Usually my quiches include chard or spinach or sometimes asparagus, but this time I included steamed broccoli florets. It also has cubed cooked chicken, diced red pepper, and sauteed onion, plus salt, pepper, and poultry seasonings, but no cheese. If you are looking for a recipe, it is based on the one HERE.

Do you play around with your favorite recipes to change them just a bit?

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