Saturday, November 10, 2018

Smokey Yard Work

Not going to post a food memory today because I've been doing yard work most of the day, clearing the area around the farmhouse and doing some work around our house, too.

We have been very lucky in our recommendations for workers by friends. DeeDee Cool, who owns and operates Cool Fitness in Santa Rosa recommended a young couple from Africa for yard work. Michele and Karoll were amazing! They were hard workers and thorough and cheerful, too. They did most of the work the last two days, with some help today from Sweetie and myself. If you live in the Santa Rosa area and need excellent yard workers, let me know and I'll give you their contact number.

It's still plenty smokey around here from the ongoing Butte Co. fire near Paradise. So far over 6,700 homes have been destroyed along with countless businesses and other buildings and acres of forest. At the same time there are wildfires in Southern California, too, although we aren't getting their smoke.

The photos were taken about 4:15 today but the sun has been red all day.


  1. Friday was the worst here - the smell was inescapable, and we woke with our throats were sore. I'm so grateful that it's dissipating, but knowing it's not over just breaks my heart. Our poor Golden State...

  2. Wish there there was rain coming to dampen the fires and prevent others, but not looking like it will happen any time soon. Salt water gargle helps the throat a bit. California sure is suffering!