Sunday, November 25, 2018

Too Tired To Post Much

Road trips are tiring...and so is putting everything away, taking the suitcases up to the attic and clearing out the fridge since tomorrow is garbage day, and doing get the idea.

Sweetie had the job of creating a rain barrier over the well to his train room because the drain isn't working and rain is expected in a few days. While we were gone about 4 inches of rain fell at home and that well flooded and water got into the train room, too. That took some clearing out as well. Fortunately the rain meant that I didn't have to water the garden.

I did make a nice green salad for our dinner, and steamed broccoli, and roast pork that we had frozen from last week, then thawed today and heated in the microwave at dinner time. That was about all tha I had energy to make. Sweetie was tired, too.

No actual food memories today. Hope to do better tomorrow!


  1. Hope there wasn't damage to the trains and things!

  2. Well, a new model that had just come in the mail did get wet but most everything else is OK. Our neighbors got a pump and pumped out most of the moisture while we were enduring traffic on Interstate 5, then they set up a fan and left the lights on, which helped. Sweetie has new constructed a tarp cover to send all this week's rain out to the yard and away from the train room.