Saturday, November 24, 2018

Road Trip!

I think we may have brought everything but the kitchen sink, but we were ready for Thanksgiving with our daughter and Straight Shooter. Pi had a nice yard to hang out in and I had the challenge of roasting the turkey in a strange oven. Since I used a super-sized oven bag as I do each year it was fine, even though we ate about an hour later than I'd planned. Tomorrow I'll post about why Thanksgiving was so special this year.

Our neighbors have been watching our place and texted us today as we headed home that Sweetie's train room (where he put together train models and has a layout with a town and a mining operation and more) had flooded. Apparently our area had 3-4 inches of rain while we were gone. The drain was plugged with leaves knocked down by the rain. They pumped things out and set up a fan to begin drying things out. So thankful for great neighbors!

Road trips are another source of memories. My siblings and I made countless sandwiches for the various trips we took as a family growing up. Some were a relatively short drive to Izaak Walton, a low-key resort with a small lake where we could swim and Dad could fish. Some were longer like trips to Delaware or New Jersey to go to the beach, or to Williamsburg, VA to see the colonial town recreated with Rockefeller money.

We would set up a sort of assembly line with one person spreading on the mayo or peanut butter, the next adding the bologna or jelly, another putting the slices together and cutting them and wrapping them in waxed paper. It was sort of fun. Cookies would go in a tin and usually there would be carrot sticks and/or fruit like apples or grapes. Since I love picnics, this was part of the excitement for me. Sharing a station wagon with nine other people was less fun, but if we were going to the beach every
moment was worth it. I really love the beach!

For this road trip home we have some snacks like dried fruit and peanuts, but we'll just stop and get lunch along the way. Maybe a milkshake for Sweetie

Do you have any great road trip memories?

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